The cold temperatures of winter do not abandon us yet, but this does not mean that we must give up wearing short clothes. Often due to the cold, we tend to dress more comfortably without leaving our comfort zone. Winter cannot and must absolutely not impose its rules, who said that we cannot wear short, tight-fitting clothes?

There are different types of clothes that we can wear even if it is raining outside, there is wind or snow. We think, in order not to suffer too much, that the cold fortifies, don’t you agree? 🙂 Well, that said, a little bit of courage and now we offer you 4 ways of clothes that you can easily wear. Obviously above every outfit you would certainly need a nice long coat, in this way, in addition to keeping us warm, it also enhances our look. Some short clothes can be worn with long boots, in this way also the legs are covered.

Let’s see together the 4 types of short clothes to wear in winter.

  1. Slinky mini dresses can sometimes be made with long sleeves and sometimes with thin straps. They give sinuosity to the body and show the shapes. They are suitable for wearing at parties and occasions indoors, where perhaps the heating is a friend against the cold. If you wish, you can also wear them with a mock neck under or a cardigan.
  2. One-shoulder dresses are sexy and beautiful to look at. They can be preferred of any length, both short and below the knee.
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  3. Bodycon dresses can be worn both day and evening, important not in a vulgar and ridiculous way. Ily chose one in a shirt dress, so he can wear it alone when the cold allows it or with tights underneath. In spring – summer this dress would be perfect with a pair of orange sandals.
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  4. Finally, oversized jumper dresses, which can be easily worn and made especially for the cold season.

What do you think about it? Do you wear clothes during the cold season or do you wait for spring to start discovering a few centimeters of skin?

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