The season of weddings begins, not that in winter nobody gets married, but mind you, but let’s say that the good season is the most important. What to wear at a wedding? … is the question that springs in the mind of each of us when we receive the invitation. Being that Blery will get married in June, then we take the opportunity to respond with this article to the questions and concerns of some friends. 🙂

Being invited to a marriage for a woman, very often becomes a real drama. We know and we women are made like that, always undecided on clothes to wear until the last second, so as to panic and recite that usual phrase ” I have nothing to put! “.
To calm the hearts of women bothered by this problem we must satisfy their taste while being in step with fashion.

Choosing a wedding dress is not easy, you have to take into account different circumstances.

For example, the atmosphere should be taken into consideration, if it is an “evening” wedding with a classic and elegant atmosphere, it is advisable to wear a long dress, with a soft drapery that accompanies the skirt, but which models the upper part of the your body but avoiding the excessive neckline, having a generous and little pronounced décolleté is a beginning to be consonant with the word ELEGANCE.

If the wedding is evening, as will be that of Blery, maybe on the beach and informal, then you can exceed a little more without taking too much account of bon ton. But this does not mean all naked eh … 🙂 Let’s say that in this case SI long dresses, fluttering and maybe with a deeper neckline. We are used to prefer the necklines on the back, we find they are more elegant and refined.

The special guest at a wedding, as can be seen from the title, must present itself with a further fascination with respect to the other guests, but not so much to overlook that of the bride.

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The dress shown above, for example, is a pleated bridesmaid chiffon, V-neck and very gentle. It is a beautiful dress, not too bright in color, but at the same time able to capture the attention thanks to the inclined and almost veiled skirt, with a back bow that in this case becomes the flagship. How to see the neckline there is, in the front less pronounced, in the back one deeper, but still remains elegant.

About flakes and accessories of which a garment dresses, sometimes it is necessary to break the simplicity of a dress giving so greater importance when wearing it. Very bright necklaces are the color when the deep neckline allows the vision, or bracelets almost to contrast with the color of the chosen dress.

For those who love to play with colors and shades, we bring you a beautiful Ponovias in color yellow and green. So surely you will not go unnoticed and you will be a special guest.

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As they said a moment ago, taking Blery’s wedding as an example, if the atmosphere is less rigid and more carefree you can make an exception to the rule by exaggerating a bit ‘with the colors, the neckline and the models of clothes to wear. For example, a bright red dress, off shoulders, with a wide short skirt, surrounded by a light red tulle that fills even more the underlying fabric. If you want you can also choose a broken, elegant shirt and wide skirt for those who love the volumes, in this case it is good to be long or midì, or why not, a pant skirt.

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cosa indossare ad un matrimonio


These are some tips to consider when you are in total confusion in finding “the right dress” and what to wear at a wedding. Respecting the rules of your taste, taking into consideration those of the current fashion, facilitates the selection of garments in reference to any type of atmosphere that presents itself.

What would you choose among the proposals of this article? Also propose the outfit that you would like and that we have not mentioned. We are curious to read you.



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