Blery’s wedding was held a month ago, as you know it was a beach wedding. Yes, we know very well that we have not yet done the article dedicated to the event, but we are waiting for the official photos of the photographer. But for the curious we have many photos published on instagram and also a preview of the wedding trailer.

As you have seen, our blog has evolved, has changed its face and the WEDDING category has come to the fore. This is because during the organization of the wedding of the year, for us obviously that of Blery, we realized we had a passion for the world of weddings. We really like looking for exclusive locations to offer and today we bring you to the Campaign, more precisely to Cellole!

Location Wedding in Cellole, let’s find out together!

When deciding on the theme of marriage, the first thing to think about is the location. Choosing the perfect location for your wedding, you think of the setting to choose. Obviously it will have to be in harmony with the theme and everything else in detail.

Internet is a source of ideas to inspire, right there that we found the site of MamaMare the ideal place for an innovative, informal and trendy wedding. Blery chose a location in Tuscany for her wedding, which she will talk about soon.

What wedding do you dream of? Wedding on the beach or in the countryside?

How many times have you ever dreamed of your wedding day? Maybe none or maybe so many and what did you think? What should your ideal wedding be like?

We sometimes fantasize with open eyes, Blery in particular given the sentimental situation :-), and so we confront each other about ideas and details not to be overlooked. Just on this last point F.C. Entertainment is a reference point in Naples and Caserta for the wedding. Declines the contemporary idea of marriage – capable of combining innovation, attention to the gourmet kitchen and the theming of the ceremony (country wedding, shabby chic, vintage etc.) – on 2 locations.

For lovers of the Mama country house in the countryside: immersed in the lush fields of the Terracreta farm, the pool structure leaves room for the organization of vintage, shabby chic and country-inspired weddings. The interior room with window and fireplace is the ideal setting for suggestive winter weddings. So if you are thinking of getting married in winter or at this time, Christmas would be the background and would be the theme of your wedding.

Imagine lighting it all up with beautiful light bulbs hanging from trees and trees. Let’s say that the campaign lends itself perfectly to a style of marriage that recalls the woods and fairies.

Mama Mare is the ideal location for those who dream of beach wedding and cutting the cake against the spectacular backdrop of fireworks at the sea. The location lends itself perfectly to Mediterranean-style weddings in natural, warm colors, organic materials and seafood cuisine.

If you do not believe in the wonders we have described, we are sure that the images (taken directly from their site) and the site itself that we show you the link here: will delight you.

What kind of marriage are you from? Let us dream with your imagination 🙂


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