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If you are looking for a wedding dress because the wedding of your dear friend is approaching or you have baptisms for this spring, do not panic, with this article we want to give you some advice on how to buy the right dress for you.

In order to choose the perfect dress it will be essential to inform first of all the type of event, the location and the time, but above all choose the type of dress and the color that best characterizes your physique. For women the choice of dress takes time, dedication and emotion because it is nice to feel for a day as “Cinderella”.

Wedding dresses: Like Cinderella!

Happiness Boutique: The accessories that put you in a good mood!

For this reason, today we want to introduce you to a wide world of women’s formal dresses ranging from classic to modern, from long to short, through various types of models.

If you want to amaze with a seductive look and you are oriented on short formal dresses, but black in color (because the black is the number one), you can safely choose your favorite model remembering to wear a pair of jewel sandals to complete Your look.

For those who have scheduled events in late spring or summer, the choice could fall on clothes with bright colors.

According to us for a summer ceremony is more suitable a colorful dress that is soft or lighted, because it recalls the colors of nature heated by the sun.

For all those who follow us and ask us for advice on trends, we always recommend to choose according to your fitness and not according to the model. When choosing the dress it is important to wear it lightly without looking awkward.


Take the time you need and choose your dream dress just like the red carpet divas! Then let us know what type of wedding dress you have chosen. 😉




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