We happen more and more often to face the theme of marriage. Who follows us knows that a few days still and Blery will no longer miss, but she will have chosen a wedding in boho-chic style? To find out all you have to do is follow us on the IG stories with the hashtag created for the event. The hashtag in question is #BLERYDANY2019

For his wedding Blery has chosen many details, this will tell you about it at the end of the wedding and make you know the suppliers who wanted to collaborate to make this event even more beautiful and special.

Always a theme to which we are fond, that of weddings, not for the classic reason to dream it already as small, but for the fact that weddings fascinate.

Among the obsessions of recent times is the boho-chic wedding, pure inspiration to the Bohemian style. This trend has already existed for a while, is spreading more and more in Italy and we can assure you that we will see in the next few years.

Is boho-chic wedding still fashionable?

Will the contact with nature, the idea of an informal and unconventional marriage, the colors and decorations that nature itself gives to make everything so magical? More and more often in fact we see the boho-chic wedding in glossy journals and blogs that deal with this theme. The bohemian style unites the years ‘ 60-‘ 70 to hippie touches, county and vintage style, for a suggestive effect and modern fairytale atmospheres.

Nothing forbids however to match the style boho-chic an elegant, especially if the location that you have chosen for your wedding is spread on several levels or in different areas. The beauty of being able to play with different styles, as long as in harmony with each other, is to make the guests pass from one reality to another. However, we recommend that there is a rouge file that follows the whole style, for example it is not advisable to mix too many colors or too many types of flowers.

Mixing different styles requires a critical eye for details, if you want to know more consult our Wedding style counseling page, ask without obligation our advice and we will be able to put on paper your Dreams.

And the wedding dress as it must be for a wedding in the boho-chic style?

Here is a site where you choose the right outfit for this type of wedding. Wonderful lace dresses for the Bohemian bride, maybe a mermaid if you have a TOP physique and you can afford it, otherwise slightly wide and fluttering tulle to dream all those who will have their eyes on you.

Arches of flowers for the exterior decorations, wooden underplates, pendant luminaries Mini and maxi, maxi tables those that create a lot of scenography, lace and especially trees everywhere. We exploit to the best what nature offers us, let us put our own, choose the right dress and go to meet our him.

Dream wedding can you?! Bohemian!

Of course you, just a little ‘ fantasy, the right sites and lived happily ever after.

Perfect wedding: Hobo-chic style!

stile boho-chic stile boho-chicboho-chic wedding style


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Boho chic style its AMAZING !!!
Great post.



Thanks dear! We love weddings!


What a fun way to style a wedding dress. Great style girlies!

Dakota D.
Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413


Thank you so much Dakota! Have a nice day. Kisses


The lace wedding dress in the first picture is wonderful. Totally my dream dress.


Thanks Laura, have a nice day!


Thank you.
King regards,
Thompson Cannon

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