How many times have we talked about the sunkissed effect? Well, it has not yet gone out of fashion, even this year the password remains naturalness and brightness. The preferred shades are always the delicate and refined ones, which do not detach too much from the original color. Now that we can make an appointment at the hairdresser, we also want to know what is the hair color that will be most in vogue for this 2020 summer, not to go unprepared and have an absolutely wow final result.

So what are the 2020 hair color trends?

  1. If you are a blonde lover, for this summer you can choose between 3 shades. Sand blonde is one of the shades that will be the most popular, it will be that we all want to go to the sea, but this color gives that sunkissed effect that they talked about before. It is a very soft and delicate shade, it gives the face the right brightness for an elegant and chic look at the same time. It is a color that goes well on a light complexion, if instead your complexion has a cold undertone, lunar type would be avoided. In this case we recommend warmer and more enveloping colors.
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  2. Another color that holds the record for summer 2020 is amber blonde, tending towards light caramel. It is a perfect color for blondes with a not too cold base, let’s say dark blonde or light brown already. For short or long bob hair a uniform base is perfect, for long hair a balayage would be perfect, to allow the lengths to be a little lighter, to create that beautiful sun-kissed effect.

  3. Another blonde for the hair of this summer 2020 will certainly be the blush rose. The name suggests pink tones, it is actually a beautiful mix between blonde and pink, a very trendy chromatic match. Light strawberry and golden rose are the two most chosen shades, this blonde pink mix is a very soft color but with a glamorous chic effect. Let’s say it’s for all the blondes who want to stand out. colore capelli biondi estate 2020
  4. After seeing the pink blonde mix, we now move on to a super popular high mix, brown and blonde mix. This color is perfect to have a shade from those who are always on vacation in some beautiful tropical island. That sun-kissed sweet shade gives movement to flat dark blond or light brown hair.
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We still have not made an appointment at the hairdresser, but it would be interesting to try the blush rose color, having never done so, it intrigues us a lot. The big problem with hairdressers is often that you know how you get in, but you don’t know exactly how you get out. Have you ever come out of your hairdresser and are not completely satisfied with the result? In all sincerity it happened to us, not only for the color, but also for the cut.

These girls were the shades of blond, the ones that will be used the most as hair color for summer 2020.

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