When the heat arrives, not only do you think about the change of wardrobe season, but also what to buy. What are, therefore, the items to have absolutely for summer 2021?

In this period we are used to reviewing the wishlists we make during the spring. Often with the beginning of spring we think about the things to buy for the tourist destination. Ours this year will be the beautiful Sardinia, so we have to make new purchases and we decided to share with you our choices and trendy garments for this summer 2021.

Let’s not get lost in small talk, let’s find out immediately what could be one of the items that cannot be missing.

The light suit, I just love it and I find it a really sporty chic garment. I find it great to wear it for a walk, I find it light and let the skin breathe, but without making you feel cold when there is a little bit of breeze. Being Sardinia a windy region, I love the fresh air that caresses my hair, but at the same time I am a chilly one, so I decided to go to one of my favorite sites www.femmeluxe.co.uk and do some healthy shopping.

Here I really struggled to choose among the many models present, but in the end I made up my mind, in my wardrobe I was missing a light, undemanding and light blue jumsuit and gray loungewear

I find that this suit is really versatile, you can easily wear it from the start, that is, for a journey of comfort. Furthermore, during the holidays there will be many opportunities to wear a sporty chic suit. Let’s take for example an evening on a farm, where we know that you don’t need to dress in a super elegant way and then, who said that a suit can’t become one? Try adding a pair of heeled sandals to your jumpsuit and let’s see the affection it makes. I’m sure it would be perfect.

Another of the garments that I would not leave at home is the coordinated duo. I find it a very versatile garment as it can be worn both together and separately. Wearing it together you have a beautiful co ord sets of a single fabric and pattern. If, on the other hand, you decide to wear it separately, summer 2021 will be safe without having to carry the whole wardrobe with you. In my case, the skirt can be worn with a blouse or a shirt, perhaps with a floral or tropical print. The top, on the other hand, can also be easily combined with a pair of denim shorts or a pair of more elegant Bermuda shorts. Let’s say that in this way it quietly becomes the broken coordinate.

Now let’s move on to a slightly more elegant choice. On vacation I prefer comfort, but I always pack a shirt or a bodycon dress that can fit any occasion. I decided to buy a floral milk, with an important print so as not to go unnoticed. I like being able to combine a shirt or blouse with nice palazzo trousers, or a miniskirt suitable for the occasion. For a dinner at a restaurant, even without heels, I still love to dress in a refined way. I find that such a choice may be suitable.

Another item that I have decided to make my own is the white dress. I’m not someone who goes black at the seaside, but a little tan gives me that perfect complexion that allows me to wear light colored garments too. I chose this dress because I find it perfect, elegant at the right point and wearable even with a beautiful jewel and flat sandal.

I hope my choices have been useful to you too. Have you already decided on your holiday destination and what to take with you?

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