January is the month of shopping, the epiphany takes all the holidays away, but we console ourselves by buying at the 2020 winter sales. You will say that every year is the same story, but be honest, you never got tired of shopping in the month of January? We certainly do not, we have only learned over the years to buy more responsibly. We are focused on buying only what we really need, while still keeping an eye on trends. Let’s see together what to buy with the winter sales.

2020 winter sales, the items not to be missed

The first garment that you absolutely must not miss with the current sales are the draped dresses. This type of dress is above all more suitable from sunset onwards, i.e. perfect for the evening, but it also depends a lot on the length and type of fabric, in some cases they can go well all day. If you find them with the sales, take them absolutely because they are super feminine and also hide some small imperfections that we all have.


Lace is another highlight, which will be very fashionable this spring summer. We usually think of black lace dresses, certainly very elegant and feminine, but this year white lace will be the master.

abito donna pizzo


Do you think that the buying tips during the 2020 winter sales are already over? Of course not, now it’s up to an evergreen garment, one of those that never go out of style, that if you find it buy it in a hurry and if you already have it in classic colors then be surprised with a stronger color. We are talking about the trench coat, but if you really don’t have the beige color, the super classic one, it is always a good idea.

saldi invernali 2020


After the first three tips let’s see what else to buy with the winter sales. Do not worry that you still have time until the end of January to do business again, after which in February you will only have the last sizes left, but do not worry that sometimes you also do business in that period.

The miniskirts in the last seasons have certainly had a great return and we will see them wear for much longer. Our advice is to buy pencil skirts, above or slightly below the knee it does not matter. They will be perfect to wear during the day with a shirt or in the evening with a nice top, in a more elegant version.

saldi invernali


If among the purchases you want to do also include accessories, our advice is to focus on bright colors, almost fluorescent. You can’t and must not wear accessories with fluorescent colors with already striking looks, but only with very simple looks. Let’s say that in a simple look you can very well insert a fluorescent element such as shoes, earrings, bracelet, turtleneck and so on.

Focus on colors. We know many people who only have colors like black and gray in the wardrobe, we guarantee you that once you start using them you will love them very much. The colors that will be the most popular this year are definitely purple, blue, yellow and orange.

This would be our guide to the 2020 sales, small tips to buy responsibly without spending a lot of money, dressing well anyway. If you want to show us your purchases using the #piccoliconsiglidistile, share with us on instagram.


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