What do we do

We promote your entrepreneurial activity, living it firsthand. Upon invitation we enter your beauty or fashion company that is, in your laboratory, in your store, and we collaborate in the promotion and sale of the products themselves. We tell our readers about the experience of your activity with our words and emotions, our photo and video shots.

We try your products or services firsthand by telling and reviewing them in the truest way possible.

We participate in your live events, telling live emotions on our social channels.



Content creator

Are you a clothing, beauty brand or offer services and you need articles and / or photos specifically designed for you, contact us.

You are a magazine or a portal and you need articles designed for you, we can evaluate together texts and / or photos for your needs.

We cooperate throughout the national territory. We develop articles in line with the categories covered by our blog and beyond, the articles we develop can be hosted on our blog for you, or on your blog / portal.

The editorial material, photos and videos we create can become the added value you are looking for. With our shots and our words we express your business in the best way.

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