The long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived. This year seemed longer than usual, let’s say that the past circumstances have not been exactly light. We spoke to you in the last article about what to pack for the summer holiday, but today we want to talk about what to put in the beauty.

It may seem trivial and obvious, but preparing beauty for the summer holidays is not really that simple. If at home we each have a chest of drawers full of skincare and make-up products when it comes to going on vacation, we must carefully choose the products to compose our beauty. This is because you should not in any way upset your routine, but at the same time you do not need to carry a separate suitcase.

What to put in beauty for skincare?

Let’s go by order:

  • You definitely need a cleansing milk to remove impurities, both in the morning and in the evening, by rinsing thoroughly. Another fundamental component for us is the tonic, which helps not only to eliminate the sebum that the skin releases, but also to minimize the pores.
  • The tonic must be absolutely delicate, without alcohol, in this way it does not irritate the skin exposed to sunlight.

We know well that our skin is always exposed to atmospheric agents, if in winter there is rain and wind to keep us company, in summer the sun and even the wind are certainly not lacking. We this year holidays in Puglia, more precisely Salentine and there the maru lu sule lu jentu will keep us company.

  • That said, you will agree with us that a good moisturizer is essential, both day and night. Aftersun can not replace the active ingredients that are in a face cream and the benefit that the latter can give to our skin.
  • An eye contour, this in all honesty does not even take up much space, but it is so good for our sun-tested eyes. The area around the eyes is very delicate, the salt of the sea water, the wind and the sun, certainly do not help.

beauty vacanze estive

And for make-up?

We’re not used to wearing a lot of makeup on vacation, but you know us well enough by now, to have realized that we have enough soft colors throughout the year. In our beauty of the summer holidays with regard to make-up can not miss:

  • the foundation, essential as a second skin, in addition to protecting also hides redness. We both chose Younique’s powder foundation, an American company still little known in Italy, but which produces high quality products. Being powdered it mattifies and is perfect for summer, in this way the heat will not move the product from the base.
  • An eyeshadow palette, in this case we have chosen each of us of a different color, making the holidays together this year we can exchange them.
  • The inevitable mascara, in our beauty clutch bag, is the highlight, the one that makes the look wow even when you are tired. We have chosen the mascara with fibers, it allows you to have 4D lashes that are voluminous and elongated at the same time.
  • Lipstick, here we have chosen only bright colors, the evenings that we do not want to make up our eyes just a little mascara and a nice lipstick. Our colors are: red, orange, burgundy.
  • The palette for the eyebrows is essential to draw those two lines well that give harmony to the whole face.

cosa mettere nel beauty

In the evening, however, we use if make-up remover wipes to remove make-up, a mousse to wash away impurities and leave the skin beautifully smooth. The night and eye cream before going to bed.

Now you know exactly which products can not miss in our beauty for the summer holidays and what to put in your beauty. Do you agree?


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