Our holidays are now two weeks away and we haven’t packed our bags yet. To be honest we do it enough at the last moment, but with today we absolutely have to start thinking about what to pack. Our summer holidays will turn to the sea, precisely in Salento, Puglia and its warmth awaits us. We are used to rehearsing to create the different outfits to be used at the beach for evening outings, but our holiday, being in the family, does not include discos and the like. Consequently, however, for the evening we want to be comfortable and chic at the same time.

Family beach holidays and evening outings

When we think of the outfits of evening outings in Puglia, we cannot ignore the windy evenings. When there are windy evenings we certainly cannot wear clothes that can flutter and let everything be seen, but this certainly does not mean giving up wearing clothes. On vacation we prefer to be comfortable, we rarely wear heels, we always have a pair in the suitcase in case the occasion requires it.

The clothes we will put in the suitcase will be mini, tight enough, but not to get up with a gust of wind. We still like to wear sensual clothes, which can show our perhaps without falling into the vulgar. We are no longer 20 years old, we must enhance our age and our strengths, with personal charm and style. No matter what the laws of fashion are, a dress of this type is always well and adapts to evening outings at the beach. Ily chose one similar to the red dress in the photo below, pink in color, slightly glittery, which soon will show you on instagram, follow us on @thesprintsisters

The tight-fitting clothes always allow you to be sensual at the right point, at the same time comfortable and can also be worn with sneakers (for a casual chic version) or flat sandals.

vestito nero estivo
vestito rosso estivo serale


What to wear for comfortable travel

To go to Puglia we have to take the plane, then once we arrive in Bari we have to rent a car and go to the discovery of this wonderful region. We always prefer to travel comfortably and so we thought about our travel outfits; sweatpants and crop top sweater. We like to travel comfortably, you know that with suitcases you have to go right and left before getting on and taking a seat. We always avoid shorts because air conditioning is not very our friend on the plane. We prefer not to get cold to enjoy the holiday afterwards.

pantalone della tuta da mettere in valigia
pantalone della tuta nero

Let’s see what else to pack for the summer holidays. Before we talked about dresses, but we are also very fond of jeans and bodysuits. Who doesn’t love wearing jeans? If you still don’t know which models you need to have for this 2020, we leave you our article “the jeans models to have in the wardrobe“.

We have chosen jeans with wide tear, being summer they do not make the heat suffer, in order to make them a little sensual we opted for lace bodysuits, in this case it is possible to wear this outfit both day and evening.

body in pizzo nero
cosa mettere in valigia, jeans strappati per l'estate

For the month of August follow us on instagram, we will not have the opportunity to write on the blog, but on our return in September, we will work on the news for 2021.

Have you planned the holidays?

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