The pandemic has stopped everyone’s imagination a bit, the suit was the most used garment during the lockdown period in the past year. 2021 wants to start with the winter sales, allowing stores to somehow recover from the big economic loss and customers to buy the much desired garment on sale.


Buying responsibly and consciously is essential in this period of crisis and uncertainty. Many of us are in financial difficulty due to the many restrictions that covid-19 has imposed on us. For this reason, we must try to buy only those items that we really need, without spending and spreading as in the past. To be able to buy responsibly, you must first put your hand in the closet, we will talk about this better in Organizzazione Guardaroba.

We know well that you can’t wait to find out which garments to buy with the winter sales, so, ready, go, come on.

Below you will find what is our personal ranking, you have to buy according to what is your style and what are your needs of the moment.

cappotto nero

Black coat

The coat is a timeless outerwear, once and still today it is considered the most elegant and formal overcoat there is. Even today the coat plays a fundamental role in the wardrobe, just think about how it makes us feel beautiful when we are wearing it. Compared to the jacket, which keeps warm but at the same time is also more informal, the coat is certainly more elegant even when worn with a pair of jeans.

If you already have a black coat in your wardrobe, you can opt for another color. We can suggest two of them, we direct you to illuminanting yellow and ultimate gray, the two pantone colors of this 2021.

stiveli neri

To always stay on the subject of the same color, we offer you knee-high boots, strictly black if you don’t have a pair yet. Super feminine model as well as comfortable, the wide heel allows you to be chic and comfy at the same time.

cosa acquistare con i saldi invernali

In 2021 the suit will be very fashionable, i.e. jacket and trousers / skirt of the same color and model. Here, for the purchase with the winter sales we offer a camel color coordinated, but the faux leather suit is also very popular.

camicia bianca, saldi invernali

The white shirt, the one that is not missing in any of us’s wardrobe, and when you don’t have it you steal it from your boyfriend / husband.

Let’s say that with the 2021 sales you should try to buy the non-shirt shirt, white yes, but with applications of rouches and ruffles, also focusing on volumes. In this way you will give the usual shirt a glamorous touch.

Maxi bags will be a must for next season, if you don’t have one, this is the right time to buy it. You can choose the color you like best, but we always recommend starting with basic garments and accessories, in this way you can add color to your look with accessories.

Now that we have seen what to buy with the winter sales, you just have to make a list of the things you really need; in this way to avoid buying duplicates or items that would end up in the closet forgotten for a long time.

Among the things to buy there are also: the sweater that keeps you warm and is super chic, a small shoulder strap for going out, a pair of pointed ankle boots. Obviously these are just some of the many things you will find in stores and online sites, shopping is strictly personal and customizable, so we do not allow ourselves to generalize. In case you need some advice we are waiting for you in the sectionPersonal Shopper.

Let us know in the comments what you will buy with the ongoing sales.

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