Have you already thought about where to spend the 2021 summer holidays? Do you already know what to pack?

With the fact that the shops were often closed, switching from one area color to another, we often went online shopping. In this way we have discovered new brands, not only Italian but also foreign, which have allowed us to find clothing items to fall in love with.

This year, pandemic permitting, we will spend the summer holidays in Sardinia. Anyone who has been there at least once knows that something elegant is needed for a particular dinner, something casual – on holiday we don’t want to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror every evening and something long-sleeved for the evenings where the wind makes itself felt.

Let’s start with this last choice of clothing. What was the perfect combo for the many hours spent indoors? The lockdown made us discover how beautiful it is to dress sporty, in this way you not only get comfort, but also that “less is more” that the great Coco Channel used to say. We have decided to put the much-loved suit in our suitcase, that’s right, we want to take the suit with us on vacation as well. Who said the joggers can only be used to sit comfortably on the sofa?

What’s nicer than being able to feel beautiful on vacation even if you’re wearing a jumpsuit? But we all know that the wind is at home in Sardinia. There are evenings where it gets chilly, at least for people with colds like us; so we decided to pack something with long sleeves as well. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a jacket or a cardigan, something is definitely needed.

Sardinia offers beautiful strolls along the seafront, one of which is located in Sant’Antioco. It would not be pleasant to have a little wind ruined the evening. There are several restaurants where you can have dinner while watching the sunset and the beauty of the sea, but it wouldn’t be nice if you felt cold. So our advice is to always have something long-sleeved with you.

We know that holidays also mean wanting to wear clothes that we don’t wear often during the year. That type of dress a little more refined, for a dinner perhaps in a nice restaurant, always overlooking the sea and Porto Cervo has really nice places to dine.

If you need a dress for the occasion, but nothing too demanding. You can be beautiful even with something simple but with a wow effect at the same time. A dress like the one you see below should definitely be worn with heels, but if you are not a lover of the heel 12 don’t worry, a wide one is fine too; definitely more comfortable for when you are on vacation. Certainly, if the party is to be held in the yacht is some important piece of nightlife, then a heel that will leave you breathless is absolutely required.

On the femmeluxe’s site you can find different models and choose the one that best suits your personality.

Another aspect of fundamental importance is the accessories. Just the right necklace or pair of earrings to give more life to an entire look. When preparing your suitcase for the holidays, you need to study carefully what we have in our wardrobe, to choose the garments to combine with each other wisely. If this is difficult for you, we invite you to take a look at our “THE PERFECT SUITCASE” service, together we can create the different outfits that you will wear on vacation. This would be a great way to pack without the slightest stress, as well as having a fun day and combining different pieces for fresh looks.

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