Tic tac tic tac, the hottest and most poetic day of love is approaching, are you ready to show off romantic and sensual looks? Valentine’s Day is one of the anniversaries that all lovers love to celebrate with their sweetheart.
We agree that love should be demonstrated and celebrated every single day because it is not an obligation but a choice of heart, but we like the idea of being able to celebrate it one more day, perhaps with more pampering and greater attention to detail.

Having said that, we like to think that Valentine’s Day is the right day dedicated to love, the beautiful one, the one that is built day by day through a thousand difficulties.
We know that males are less fond of this anniversary, unlike us women who love to take care of all the details of the evening.

When we talk about the evening we absolutely talk about looks.

What to wear on Valentine’s Day?

When deciding on the look of the evening, there are a couple of points to keep in mind:
  1. Duration of the relationship
  2. Location chosen for the occasion

If you have been dating for a short time and your boyfriend is taking you out to dinner, we recommend a short and enveloping dress with puffed sleeves (must-have models for the season). You can find several models in both physical and online stores.

For those with a more established history, amaze your boyfriend / husband with the “wow” effect.
If your Valentine provides an evening of romance, we recommend a fiery red dress, be careful not to overdo it. In this case it makes all the color of the dress, there is no need for endless necklines or accessories that can attract attention.

For those who have not organized anything, but who are waiting for the surprise effect, we give you some suggestions for looks.


A pink dress might be fine, if pompous even better. We have chosen a glittery dress for you. Valentine’s Day is still a nice evening to celebrate and remember, even the look must be taken care of. The transparent sleeves give the look a look I don’t see very sensual, without being banal. You can very well wear a coat or a beautiful fur as a shoulder garment. For the extra touch and especially if you are not afraid of the cold, let the coat slip over your shoulders without wearing it.

cosa indossare a san valentino


What can I say, the look in the photo speaks for itself. We chose a bold but sensual color at the same time. A midi dress is perfect to not seem neither too elegant nor too casual for the evening. The dress wraps in the right places and releases sensuality.

san valentino


Are you not fond of dresses and skirts? Don’t you want to dress in a particularly elegant way? Believe us if we tell you that it is possible to be feminine even with a pair of pants, in this case we have chosen them in leather, to combine with the many beloved winter sweaters. Maybe played on the underwear, you never know how the evening can end.

san valentino


Now that you have 3 tips on what to wear on Valentine’s Day, you just have to celebrate and love yourself every day. If you want to browse about how we will celebrate, then you just have to follow us on instagram and stories.

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