We are in the middle of an African heat, the much desired one, but now that we have it we are suffering a little bit. We humans are like this, we can never be satisfied. Still a little bit of patience, it will also pass quickly in July to make room for August. The month of beach holidays and healthy and well-deserved relaxation. White in summer is the title of this article, it will be that since Blery was married, white has remained a little in our hearts.

The problem with the African heat is that when we have to go out at night we never know how to choose the right dress, maybe because we have too many? I think it’s a problem of all … The other night after several attempts, I decided to dress in white to bring out that little tan I took during these sunny weekends between sea and pool … 🙂

I opened the wardrobe and the choice was immediate!

Dress in white in summer!

I love short and comfortable clothes, which I propose can be used both in the afternoon and for a chic evening combined with a pair of high-heeled sandals. The dress is white, short, fluttering, comfortable and sexy, why not!

I like the charge you have when you rotate, you turn around and everything looks better … the dress rotates with you. Then you know, it is difficult for us women to understand, we always want to change and with the right dress we can!

Here I propose some photos of the look for those who had a similar dress, the effect that is created with a heel sandal 12 is amazing!

You might look chic or shocked; it depends on who is watching you !!! 😉

If you have a similar dress let me know how you match it in your social evenings … and if you like it the way I proposed it.


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my little white dress
bianco d'estate
bianco d'estate



bianco d'estate



Optimized-IMG_4553Optimized-IMG_4337 white in summerwhite in summer



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It is adorable, adorable the dress and adorable you! 🙂 Enjoy the summer, the dress is perfect for the African heat!


Thanks darling

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