Good morning girls,

Today we talk about good and sweet surprises.
I do not know about you, but we always have candy bags, so at some point of the day, maybe in the morning or in the afternoon we kiss a little delight.
We love them all, we carry them with us in the bag, backpack and improve our day, you understand what we are talking about?

Win with Dietorelle: For 40 years always with us / you!


Dietorelle is their name.

One of our favorite favorites is Dietorelle, it will be for the convenience of having so many different candies in one package, it will be that they are good and do not contain artificial dyes and are full of fruit juices.

Do you know that the most famous candies in Italy are 40 years old ?!
For their 40th birthday, in collaboration with Le Pandorine, they put 80 Limited Edition handbags, but how do they do it for one? Easy to buy 1 envelope from the Dietorelle in the Large Distribution range, or a Dietorelle box in the Bar and Tobacco channel, enjoy it as we all know how to make and then find out if you are among the lucky winners.


It has time until 31 December 2017 to try the luck.

In which way?!

Once you have purchased a promotional label box in the promotional bars or tobacconists, or a large envelope, you go to the Dietorelle website to take part in the competition. Register with your personal data and you will be able to contact us in case of winning, enter your requirements and find out if you are among the winners!
Remember that Dietorelle is so tasty and for all the palates: gummy candies (licorice and mint), fruity soft (from classic strawberry and lemon tastes to the most sought after red fruits and citrus fruits), hard stuffed fruits and refreshing hards (Mint and ice) gelèes (mora-strawberry-cherry-red grapefruit) .. In short you only have the embarrassment of choice.

We just have to wish you good luck at all!
Dietorelle always with you and the surprises do not end here, follow the official social channels;)!


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