Women’s fashion has undergone several evolutions over the years and with it also the essential items that we use every day, that is, the inevitable ones in our wardrobe.

The key word that modern women wanted to convey to the great designers, who create and launch trends is: “comfort”.

Fashion, like many other sectors, is inspired by the needs of the general public and so it was that, due to the ugly lockdown we experienced in 2020, the catwalks offered garments with comfortable fits and preformed fabrics. Situation that, most likely, will also accompany us in this 2021.

The sportswear style has always been dedicated to a category that practices sport and with a physique that definitely does not go unnoticed or aspiring such.

The real evolution was brought by the catwalks that launched the idea of chic comfort, wearing a simple jumpsuit. Because of the pandemic, our life habits have changed a little. Fashion has adapted, making sweatpants a must have for the season.

The sweatpants

The great designers had made their choices, and invited us to choose comfortable oversized trousers where imagination is king.

We used to wear mainly leggings, whether it was an aperitif or a casual chic dinner. We still love them because we know that it is a type of trousers that goes perfectly with any other garment or style. Pants are often combined with beautiful sweatshirts, this loungewear is the combo not only for staying at home.

Is there another equally fascinating garment to put the leggings aside?

2020 was enlightening and finally launched the famous oversized joggers.

In addition to being very comfortable, they are equipped with an elastic waistband and a lot of fluidity. You can find them in various models and fabrics, there are those with a wide bottom, with elastic at the ankle and endless pockets. For those who do not give up on luxury, there is also the cashmere version. The overseas influencers were the first to embrace the sporty & comfy style with their street style looks.

Winter 2021 fashion pants: tracksuit-style joggers still set the trend.

Can sweatpants be chic combined with elegant garments?

Of course yes! The lockdown has marked us all, sportswear has become the basis for every commitment that made us leave the house and it is precisely in this way that the jogging suit becomes an essential item.

Good news for those who love comfort in winter but who don’t want to give up their femininity; the famous jumpsuit we used at home has been transformed into an alternative garment to show off in a street style look.

How to match the joggers:

  • crop top: used a lot by the very young and not only, the important thing that you do not suffer from the cold and have your abs in sight.
  • white or checked shirt: another must-have item that we all have and that makes the combination chic comfort.
  • oversized sweaters: for those who fully respect the winter season and love to stay warm

There are many types of joggers, they differ in fabric, model and color.

We too, like so many of you, have converted to joggers style since 2020, and have chosen some fantastic models on the femmeluxefinery website. It is an overseas brand that pays particular attention to fashion shows and creates garments of all sizes and for all budgets.

This is my super winter version, as you can see they are team sweater and wool joggers, I find them adorable as well as super warm and comfortable. How do you wear them? Let us know in the comments below.

Do not forget that this situation will soon pass and with the arrival of summer we would have a great desire to wear our beautiful bodycon dresses again.

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