Goodmorning beauties, how many of you, how we do they dream of the weekends to the sea? The days of sun and the Spring give the road to dreams and wishes, to the wish to be in beach, naked feet on the sand, a bagnetto between the waves and then relaxation to enjoy the sun.

Wishlist: everything new  for a weekend to the sea!

Really some days ago we were looking at old photos, which have carried afloat faraway memories of thoughtless days and brown skin. We have thought to choose the goal of the first weekend to the sea, and so after having decided are asked for we: why not to renew also the wardrobe for the occasion? Trying and trying in Internet we have dwelt on situated Romwe and we have been a little wishlist with the things that we would want to put in suitcase. This time can seem strange, but we have opted really only for the essential one. Bikini for our day big, beautiful and round super sea to be comfortable and to have everything space which we need, the flat to the feet to reach the beach, the straw hats, essential to be protected from the sun and then they give the sea, a telo that I touch fashion in the majority, the sunglasses and ready for our day of pure relaxation.

After a day in beach between taking the sun, playing with the racchettoni, frisbie and / or ping-pong, the evening wish of a cenetta always comes to us based on fish and good wine. Being nevertheless to the sea, we usually dress commodes, but wanting, a vestitino and a pair of heels can always be put on; for the one who instead of here takes in word on the comfort we have chosen the saucy outfit composed shorts with embroideries of daisies, striped shirt and flowers and a pair of sneakers to the feet. For the one who instead wants to be a bit more elegant, our choice goes on the most beautiful flowering suit and a pair of sandals with the big heel.

In these outfit let’s have wanted to underline the trends Spring summer 2017, where lines and flowers are a must!

You that you go behind for a day to the sea? If you like the things that we have selected you click directly on the photo and you will be addressed to the page of the product.

On this site you have really the hindrance of the choice. Bikini of each type, suits that retake the trends of the moment, short the most beautiful and very other. The ideal site to go shopping before leaving.

Kiss girls!




-Wishlist: everything new  for a weekend to the sea!-




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Those swimwears just make my summer mood go high <3

xoxo, Sophie


We also love it so much!

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