Have you ever tried yoga? If the answer is no you should start! But what is yoga? Yoga is an ancient discipline of Hindu tradition that improves psycho-physical well-being. Familiar are the yoga positions, which allow you to perfectly match mind and body.

Though coming from so far, yoga is increasingly becoming part of the everyday life of many, given the great benefits that a constant practice brings. Practiced as a physical activity, useful in improving muscle elasticity, or even solving problems such as back pain, does not lose its spiritual connotation, which remains at the center of this practice.

Yoga: Benefits

The benefits of yoga are many. Great lines do yoga acts on two fronts. The first is the physical one, where, thanks to the various yoga positions, adapted to stretch the muscles, and breathing is obtained a greater elasticity, a better oxygenation and elimination of toxins.

But the benefits of the most appreciative yoga are those on the mental front. A certain concentration is needed to recreate the different positions. Keeping the different yoga positions, this concentration allows us to perceive our body more fully, focusing on it and omitting all that causes us stress.

It is precisely awareness, which is acquired by consistently practicing yoga, which allows us to better face the different situations. A greater sense of serenity also allows us to improve interpersonal relationships and, consequently, our entire life. Not at all, the best definition you can give about yoga is just the union between body and mind.

But the benefits of yoga do not stop here!

Yoga for Weight Loss: Can You?

A question many ask is “but can yoga practice for weight loss?”. The answer to this question is yes, the benefits of yoga also affect slimming. Yoga, however, acts differently from classical physical activity and, in other words, on the mind. A greater awareness of the body itself and its body results in the search for healthier foods and a greater desire to do, fighting laziness or sedentary lifestyle.

It is clear that such a well-being takes a longer process, but when it is achieved, the results are certainly more appreciable.

The right environment: fundamental to the well-being of mind and body

One factor that must not be overlooked is certainly the environment: quietness must be the key word. Let’s remember that, in fact, the main purpose is to relax mind and body. A quiet environment allows us to better perceive all 5 senses, even those we think may be less important during physical activity, such as smell or hearing. Through music and aromas, not only has a positive effect, relaxing the mind and awakening the spirit.
During yoga, a melodious background music that evokes serenity, helps us relax. In this regard, the choice may fall on the music of Indian tradition or the moderate chillout.

Aromatherapy: to awaken all the senses

For the same purpose, aromatherapy is born, which through natural essences allows us to improve our mental state by allowing both our minds and our bodies to reach states of serenity and tranquility. Getting this result is not complex: you can use classic burners, even though the essential oil diffusers are always on the go. Essential oils for aromatherapy are very simple devices to use. The essence is widespread in the environment thanks to water vaporization. Essential oils for aromatherapy are also small furnishing accessories: the design is always well-groomed and many models also serve as a lamp, emitting a soft light that allows greater relaxation. If you have never seen one, at diffusoreoliessenzial.com you can find many models.

Essential oils: what to choose?

But what essential oils do you choose? In this regard, 100% natural essential oils are always recommended. Among the essences that are most successful are citrus fruits. If sweet orange is good for calming depressive states, mandarin and lime have a revitalizing effect. If, on the other hand, your problem is anxiety, nothing better than mint.
If desired, it is also possible to mix essential oils between them. To find out if two fragrances mingle well with each other, just smell it directly from the flasks. For example, citrus fragrances match perfectly with cinnamon or vanilla. Mint is, however, perfect with citronella.
One thing to keep in mind is that the purpose is to relax, while always being focused on your senses, so both music and scents do not have to be a source of disturbance. They will have to enrich the environment, but in a delicate way. So the music must be set to low volume, but you should not exceed the amount of essential oil.

When to do yoga

In fact, you can always do it, but the ideal moments are definitely in the early morning so that you can start the day big, but also in the evening, to get rid of the stress we have accumulated throughout the day.

In short, yoga imposes itself as a complete discipline. The benefits are both mental and physical, thus enjoying greater mental serenity and elasticity of the body.


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