Good morning beauty!

Today we want to talk about a great offer on ZAFUL.COM

If you are a fan of online shopping you can not take advantage of this unmissable opportunity. What is it about?

Zaful: so many discounts for a new wardrobe!

Of course, we certainly do not want to keep you on the thorns, so let’s quickly find out what kind of offer it is. Until 9th ​​November, then available for a few days, Zaful picks up 1000 cards, which you can ask directly on their site. This card is only valid for 24 hours from the time it is released and it works like this: select the products you want from their site and look at the price of each single product, if you are buying a blouse that costs 10.00€ you will pay 9.00€, if you like what pair of pants worth 20.00€ you will pay only 18.00€ and so on. For every 1€ you will earn 50 Z points convertible into discounts by decreasing the total of your cart.

Does not it look like a great offer?

In a nutshell, you can renew your wardrobe by November 9, introducing so many new sweaters, trousers, coats, and you’re up to the season’s trend for a fashion winter.

We have just heard of this unbeatable opportunity, being online shopping lovers, knowing the quality and beauty of the items on the ZAFUL site, we just sat in front of the PC and filled the cart with our favorite garments.

Blery speaks on winter sweaters, super-colorful, floral, but above all soft and cuddly as one who suffers cold even in August 🙂 She always loves sweaters, perfect to wear everyday for our daily commitments, but not even less in the evening with skirts and pants. Being a spendacciona could not stop at the sweaters alone, here are the other bosses he chose and bought without fluttering.


They certainly could not miss the coats that Ily worships, she also suffers from cold, so she wore coats and sweaters as if there was no tomorrow.

But in our car we also added some clothes, but summer returns again and we love them.

To stay up-to-date with the trends we could not select the boots above the knee, but also the perfect ankle boots for any occasion.

For the moment we stopped here, but the urge to put things in the cart was unrepeatable, loving this site and all the nice things we can find inside it, it is not said that we will not be in the short term anymore.

Kiss girls and do not forget to ask CARD to get you crazy discounts.




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