Christmas: gifts for Him and Her!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, what brings memories long gone, families all gather around the tree to unwrap the presents. I still remember when we were kids that loved her decorate the tree, dad always carried a real FIR, put in a jar and then away with the fantasy and the decorations. Lights and balls were taking place between the branches, to leave space to the magical atmosphere that was created when lit, as our faces super happy.

Now that we are grown we love equally do the tree, as tradition dictates, we open boxes and boxes of Christmas ornaments, the day of the Immaculate and everything begins. Once finished the sapling need gifts and presents to put under to make happy our loved ones.  Behold … the best thing about Christmas is just this, search for the right gift for the people we love.

You have already bought the presents? Us someone we’ve taken and some others will come; There’s always a last-minute gift for all of us. We thus decided to give you a little help with this list of gifts he and she.

Christmas: gifts for Him and Her!

You can get ideas for gifts to make your mom, sister, friends, boyfriend, father, etc..

Gifts for her:

A beautiful idea comes from Space nk. apothcary a trio of colorful lipsticks … that change color when they are applied.

A gift package Douglas, a ball to hang on the Christmas tree inside contains products make-up, or these beautiful boot-shaped soaps come in four colors (pink, green, blue and yellow).


A beautiful portfolio signed Elizabeth Franks, ideal for mom or sister.

Beautiful for mom, sister or best friend. Also ideal as a car designer Hat gift:-), Luisa Spagnoli.

The fabulous Nina Rio Zachariah.

The sweater that all they want for the holidays. Red and still red.


A beautiful dress to wear for the holidays and to exploit for summer evenings.

For those who are immersed from accessories and would like to see hanging, we offer this beautiful manikin. Truly original idea and doubles as a piece of furniture if embellished with taste.

For more cold, do not worry, to the rescue comes the cushion warms feet; will know how to warm up your legs. 😉


Gift for him:

For those who like to travel light and never be without the perfect job the idea of the virtual keyboard. Just find a table top and like magic you will see the keyboard where typing the letters you write comfortably.

For animal lovers, this is a unisex gift, the Bowl 6 Meal auto Feeder. You to serve six meals, the magazine pops up at the appointed time and remains open until the next meal. You can also record a voicemail to call your pet.

For those who travel for business and keep us from being impeccable with coordinated tie, here’s the perfect gift: enclosure door ties. Does not take up much space and don’t wrinkle ties, ideal to pack.

For those who like to keep fit outdoors and spends hours and hours to run, we found the right gift for your him: waterproof earphones for physical activity.

For those who like to keep fit outdoors and spends hours and hours to run, we found the right gift for your him: waterproof earphones for physical activity.


Her favorite parfume, a subscription to a magazine that enjoys reading, the Christmas sweater, a casket gift for two. In short, useful gifts that can be used in everyday life.

What you bought for your relatives? Surprise gift or upon request?




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