Janeke1830: Spazzola dai boccoli perfetti!

Today we wanted to introduce you to “brush the curls perfect“, in previous articles we talked about different products of Jakeke1830 line, below are the links back to the post … for those who had not had a chance to read them:


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With this new round brush, Janeke1830 offers the ability to curve the straight hair too. Its structure with the rigid metal body allows to obtain waves and curls from the cover. We have dried your hair upside down, then with the round brush we worked strand by strand, creating tight curls and the result was truly amazing.

The total white design makes it even more beautiful and fine. Another positive aspect is its light weight because it has the plastic handle, so you can wave your hair for hours without tiring.

With a simple yet personalized styling your hair type, get waves and curls scream. You use round brushes? If so, what features should they have?

We remind you that the Janeke1830 products can be purchased in their store online, in boutiques in Milan, but also in their duty free within the airports of Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Monaco and Dubai.

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