Il ritorno dell’animalier e del velluto!

How many of us have in the closet a skirt or pants animal, but by fear of failure never wear ?! Do not worry … the animal prints come back and make a great noise in our clothing and we can also wear the day without seeming ridiculous and out of place.


The return dell’animalier and velvet!

Outfit: animal detail!


If you already have a skirt from animal print try to match it to a top chart, a small neutral accessory right away and make your look harmonious. You do not want to create a mix and match of prints, then wearing the spotted (trousers or skirt that is) with olive green for a sober look very chic.

Furthermore, not only skirts or pants, we can wear clothes also spotted in the upper body. A shirt from animal print fits perfectly with denim, if you want to have a vintage air choose a waisted jeans or flared, the result is guaranteed.

If you have a leopard print dress instead opt for ice-white accessories, but if you want to stand combines everything with red for a strong result, but successful.

Another great return of the autumn winter 2016 season is velvet. At first sight it is a sumptuous material and pleasant to the touch, but somewhat difficult to wear. Usually velvet gowns are associated with nights out, but if we choose leaders of the season and warm colors go very well during the day, for the office and for an aperitif.

If you wear a soft pants from the short cut, very current, you can bring it with the moccasin to get to work and with a high heel for drink / dinner. The short dress however if you have it in black, you can pair it with bright colors (red) and high heels for the evening; for the day you opt for flat shoes and backpack, a combination easy and daily style.

We leave you with a small selection, let us know what you think, you love animal prints and velvet? They are already part of your wardrobe? We have something, but we believe we have to stock up :-).



Image source: Pinterest!

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Il ritorno dell’animalier e del velluto!

Quante di noi hanno nell’armadio una gonna o un pantalone animalier, ma che per paura di sbagliare non…

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