Special look: jeans e canotta bianca!

Good morning girls,

We are still counting on with a very hot and especially hot weather, so our look is quite easy and convenient at the moment.

Special look: jeans and white tank top!

According to weather forecasts, we should soon warm this intense heat to savor a cooler season. Have you already thought of a special look for next season? I still do not, but the other day I had a really amazing glow, and if we choose a perfect binomio to transform to every need by playing on the effect that can give the accessories on it?

On the one hand, there are evergreen garments for every age group, and then there are those items that you often hear say “I never have enough”, ie white cotton canots and jeans of any kind.

Who does not have you?

This combination is perfect for any type of look (travel, summer / autumn holidays, city, work, leisure, evenings …)

But how can we turn this must have into a special look?

In fact, the most sought-after part of my look is attributed to the use of the accessories, they are already the real protagonists who transform this look for our every need. This combination has always been perfect, in the last few years they are proposing it as a neutral base to match particular and strange jewels that have something to tell.

Each one of us has its own character and my own hidden self, then are you waiting to get it out? Inspirate and create your own special look. That the challenge begins! I’m already thinking about my next look to suggest, look forward to seeing yours. 😉

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