Vini integralmente prodotti da Eurospin: per ogni gusto e palato!

Good morning beauty,
more and more often the blog we talk about feeding is how important it is.

Some articles made us talk about smart spending, “I love being organic,” and the brand @Eurospin, who is committed to bringing high quality products on our table every day.

Today we want to talk to you about another novelty: a line of wines entirely Eurospin products.

Wholly made products from Eurospin: for every taste and palate!

We do not know if your home is appreciated, but we do not miss a bottle of wine on the table, especially in our family dinners and dinners. I and Ily are inexperienced in wines, we can say whether it is good or not based solely on our taste and palate, but our father who understands a little more appreciates that a wine is good and it is match the food of the moment in the table.

This is why we often rely on the experience of Eurospin, which in collaboration with one of the best sommeliers in the world, Luca Gardini, has created the Wholly Produced wines. You are wondering why they are called so, because wholly the product means that the producer follows the wine from the vineyard to the bottle passing through all the phases of the chain. This guarantees a unique and distinctive product.

For this Eurospin, in collaboration with Luca Gardini, has selected for its cellar some DOC / IGT / DOCG wines wholly produced in some of the most important Italian wine areas. The goal of this collaboration is to combine the knowledge of one of the best sommeliers, so taste guaranteed even for less experienced palates like ours, and guarantee the best value for money for the final consumer.
So what do you think of this initiative? Are you good wine lovers?




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Vini integralmente prodotti da Eurospin: per ogni gusto e palato!

Buongiorno bellezze, sempre più spesso sul blog parliamo di alimentazione è di quanto sia importante. Qualche articolo fa…


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