Cambio di stagione e caduta dei capelli: ecco cosa fare!

Do not be afraid: if your hair tends to fall with the change of season, this is a completely natural occurrence. This is not just a problem for you: I, like all women in the world, fight each year with this stressful phase! It is a very common phenomenon: the hair enters a spare phase, which sees the body intervening to replace the old barrels. This stage is called Effluvium Telogen and does not know exceptions: no woman in the world can escape this physiological fall! But that does not mean that you have to be there with your hands in hand to assist the inevitable. The hair becomes weaker, it is true, but you can still limit their fall by arguing as far as possible this natural phenomenon. A bit like the flooding of the rivers, here it is!

Change of season: Prevent it is better than cure!

If you have chosen a short cut, you probably have made the wisest choice of all: in this case, it is possible that hair loss is reduced, compared to women who carry a medium or long cut. But that does not mean that you will be exempt! So, beyond your cut, here’s my advice: Preventing it is better than curing. Especially at this time of year, which forces you to strengthen your hair: with the goal of getting them to stay where they are, possibly all year round! But what habits do you adopt to make this dream possible? Shampoo is crucial: you will have the best anti-fall shampoo as that of Bioscalin. It is essential to act promptly on hair fiber, and to do so in a direct and delicate way, but without hesitation. No to aggressive products, yes to natural wraps: like those in the nettle!

Se avete scelto un taglio corto, probabilmente avete fatto la scelta più saggia di tutte: è possibile, infatti, che in questo caso la perdita dei capelli sia più ridotta, rispetto alle donne che portano un taglio medio o lungo. Ma questo non significa che ne sarete esenti! Dunque, al di là del vostro taglio, ecco il mio consiglio: prevenire è meglio che curare. Soprattutto in questo periodo dell’anno, che vi impone di rafforzare i capelli: con l’obiettivo di farli rimanere lì dove sono, possibilmente per tutto l’anno! Ma quali abitudini adottare per rendere possibile questo sogno? Lo shampoo è determinante: dovrete munirvi del miglior shampoo anticaduta come quello di Bioscalin. È fondamentale per agire tempestivamente sulla fibra del capello, e per farlo in modo diretto e delicato, ma senza tentennare. No ai prodotti aggressivi, Sì agli impacchi naturali: come quelli all’ortica!

Hair: adopting good habits

Habits are essential to reduce the amount of hair that will fall during the Telogen phase: not just about the choice of detergents, but also about other everyday aspects! For example, when you dry your hair, do not rub them with the towel but gently tamponateli. And keep the phon always away, not to traumatize them more than necessary. And I recommend: eat healthy. Your hair will thank you! What foods are perfect for giving greater strength and vitality to the hair? Any food that can give you proteins and vitamins in industrial quantities: meat and fish, especially the blue one, which helps you assimilate Omega 3! The calf is a perfect meat because it abounds with selenium – a very important element for your hair. And of course the vegetables and seasonal fruits: full of vitamins like B and C, but also B12 (cobalamin) and A. Pumpkin seeds and beans, on the other hand, are zinc-rich!


Here’s what to say, a little cool and healthy hair all round the year! How do you care for your hair?



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Cambio di stagione e caduta dei capelli: ecco cosa fare!

Non abbiate timore: se i vostri capelli tendono a cadere con il cambio di stagione, si tratta di…


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