For companies



Are you a clothing store? We can enter your company and study how to enhance it, get your products and services to the public.

We can offer your customers image consulting! We evaluate and understand together what the right dress and make-up can be for you or your clients. Evaluation of physical fitness. Of the colors you love, hate and those that could be good for you. Of clothes to wear on different occasions. Make-up that makes beautiful and increases self-esteem.



You are a beauty shop, we can personally test your products and services, then tell about our experience on our blog and make it known to our readers.

On the other hand, if you are a beauty center, a spa or a spa, we can pamper you and tell you about the experience you offer to your audience.



In both cases we produce the photo and video material, it could also be shared on your sites in order to always have new and exclusive material. Our opinion is beautiful because it is unique and then if you wish it is double, for example interview “Le Iene”.




Are you a reality that deals with wedding? We will be happy to know and represent your company, try your products and services, reporting on the blog our direct experience and the emotions experienced during the same.

Since Blery got married we have realized that behind every marriage there is a wonderful world, but if you don’t choose the right suppliers, it turns into a real nightmare.

[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last] Are you a wedding planner, immersed in the daily tasks of your business and as anxious brides near the SI? Don’t you have the right time to keep track of everything with due care? Ask and delegate to us what could be a distraction for you. Together we will work to achieve the same goal, making your brides happy and accompanying them to their dream. We are passionate about the wedding world and this leads us to stay up to date, looking for exclusive locations especially in Lombardy, studying the most popular weddings of the moment, creating the common thread that should accompany every bride and every wedding planner that day. Delegating is collaborating, we put ourselves at your service to make your bride happy. [/col-md-6_last][/df_row]


If instead you just need someone who can manage your blog or your social media channels, we can:




  • Plan a counseling session to view the existing blog, or create your own wordpress blog
  • Review of the calendar and editorial plan you provided, otherwise we evaluate and create together
  • Publication of 1/2 post a week in the timetable and on the day chosen based on the strategy agreed with you, you can send us the post, otherwise we write according to the editorial plan agreed together. In case the posts are written by us they will be in SEO perspective
  • Insertion and verification of the functioning of internal and external links to the postblog
  • SEO insertion and optimization of the images provided by you, otherwise we carry out the search for the right images for the article to be published
  • Compilation or insertion of the Yoast Seo plugin
  • Monthly update of the editorial calendar


  • Plan a counseling session to view the profile and develop an appropriate strategy
  • Review of the calendar and editorial plan provided by you (if existing, otherwise they will be provided after the drafting of the chosen strategy)
  • Revision, SEO formatting of the content you provided for us to write 7 posts, one a day
  • Publication of 7 posts on your Facebook account in the days and times chosen according to the agreed strategy
  • Editing in SEO of all the images (provided by you) inserted in the posts
  • Management of 1 group (if existing and on request)
  • Comments management (on request)


  • Plan a counseling session to view the profile and develop the overall strategy
  • Programming and publication of 5 posts a week with content and images provided by you
  • Search for hashtags to use in line with your target
  • Search for new profiles to follow
  • Search for collaborations
  • Management of comments or direct messages (on request)
  • Search and optimization of new images (on request)
  • Post production of photos with photoshop and / or lightroom


Here are some sites, the blog part was managed by us:

Flora Folies